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Crone is "a phase in which you can be more authentic, more capable of making a difference in your family and in the greater world. Life gives you experience, and when you draw from it, that's true wisdom. By the time a woman is in her crone years, she is in an amazing position to be an influence. To change things for the better, to bring what she knows into a situation, to be able to say, 'Enough is enough.' You don't have to just go along with things, which is often a part of the middle years. You're often something of a loose cannon."
Jean Shinoda Bolen

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Goddess Archetype is Alive and Well

In future weeks we'll explore the archetype of the elder goddess, the wise woman - the one who is both loved and feared. She who shows great love and compassion but is not to be trifled with. Does anyone else remember the old margarine commercial with the tag line "It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature"?  It's interesting to see how these archetypes show up in our modern culture.

But for today, I'd like us to reflect on how these archetypes are alive within us even today.  For those storytellers, actors, and artists, the goddess is born within our creations (even when the influence is not visible).  And in actuality, the goddess archetype remain very much a part of us all.  The stories of Hecate, Hera, and Artemis are an integral part of our culture; a subtext within our experience.  Jung would say they are contained within the collective unconscious, ready to express themselves uniquely within each of us in any given moment.

My favorite example of this is seen in the work of Liz Warren, master storyteller, from the South Mountain Storytelling Institute.  Her story of the Cailleach, reawakens our memories to this ancient Celtic crone goddess.  From the dawn of time until today the divine feminine archetype, waits patiently for us to remember. [Click on link to view her incredible story!]

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